About Us

Richard Rudisill, founder of RCA Enterprises, is an expert project manager and has been proactive in the construction industry on the Monterey Peninsula for over 40 years. Richard discovered his passion for building while working on a project in 1971, where he hand-carved rafter tails for the Carmel Mission as an apprentice for Jos. B. Fratessa, working under the watchful eye of Harry Downie, the father of California mission restoration. Over the past four decades, Richard has put his fingerprints on many recognizable projects throughout the Monterey Peninsula, including saving the Monterey Beach Resort, a well-known 33-year-old beachfront hotel that was in danger of being swept away by 17 foot swells in 2002.  In addition, Richard also assisted in the creation of the Red Barn Recording Studio in Big Sur, which has been frequented by many renowned artists including the Beach Boys. Richard is now heavily involved in policy and state legislation, and currently occupies several prominent positions dedicated to preserving the craftsmanship and legacy of the building industry. View a list of Richard's Career Highlights and Accolades.


As a master craftsman and lead foreman for RCA Enterprises, Larry Riordan, has worked professionally in the construction industry for the past 18 years. Larry earned his Associate of Arts degree in Construction Technology & Cabinetry and is a graduate of the Fine Woodworking program at the College of the Redwoods. 

Larry is a woodworking wizard that can transform a piece of wood into a thing of beauty. He developed a love for woodworking at an early age. From middle school on, Larry has immersed himself in creating one-of-a-kind, hand crafted pieces. Always striving to push his creativity and refine his skills, Larry feels like a true student of his craft. From developing custom show pieces to home installations, Larry works hand-in-hand with clients to achieve their vision. 

"The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the smile on my clients faces after they get their pieces. Their delight in the final product gives me a huge sense of pride in what I do." – Larry Riordan


Josh Sherratt, lead foreman, has been working in the building industry for 20+ years and is well versed in many areas of construction including: hardwood floors, plumbing, electrical, tile, concrete countertops and showers, painting, carpentry, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Josh is a mechanical genius who can quickly analyze problems and come up with creative solutions, in every construction discipline. Josh's keen eye for detail and excellent ability to problem solve in challenging environments makes him a valuable asset to any project, small or large. Josh has been with RCA Enterprises for 4 years and continues to enhance the quality of work RCA Enterprises provides to the Monterey Peninsula and its clients.


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