Commercial Projects

Construction of the Monarch Village

When we obtained construction bids for Monarch Village we were presented with three bids that exceeded our budget. Richard did a fine job of value engineering and due to his efforts we were able to reduce the construction cost and secure bank approval.

E. Chad Dwyer
General Partner
Monarch Village Partners



Before Tradewinds Inn renovation:

After Tradewinds Inn renovation:

Renovation and remodel of the Tradewinds Inn. Carmel, California



Before Cypress Stables renovation:                                              After Cypress Stables renovation:

Renovation and remodel of the Cypress Stables. Monterey, California

When we purchased this property in October of 2005 and realized that we would need to do a major renovation, there was no one
else that Margie or I would consider to undertake this project. Throughout the year that it took to complete the project, never once
did Richard falter in his due diligence to us. He led us through it with a tremendous degree of professionalism and expertise.
Cypress Stables has been around for a long, long time; however, people who have been coming and going to Cypress Stables for
over 70 years are simply amazed at how beautiful, elegant and sophisticated Cypress Stables has become.

Taylor Fithian



Construction of Alvarez High School. Salinas, California


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