Tresors - Carmel, CA 

"I have done a number of construction projects over the years and am very comfortable with the process. However, this project I was somewhat apprehensive about due to the fact that it was a 100 year old historically designated building in downtown Carmel and contained a number of unknown variables.

The whole project could not have gone better. I will not hesitate to contact you the next time I have construction or cabinetry needs. You should be proud of your crew and yourself. It's nice for a change to have a company that delivers on its promises."

Paul Bird


Bonifacio Building T.I.s - Monterey, CA

"Richard and his company have done exceptional work for me, from the planning stage to completion of construction. His analysis is invaluable in calculating costs. The people that work for him have clearly adopted not only his demeanor; they have adopted his eye for, and pursuit for excellence. His knowledge of, and ability to work with government agencies at every level is a bonus, though perhaps his most remarkable talent is the manner in which he orchestrates the work.

One of the most impressive feats I witnessed was when he worked 24/7 for a week to save the Monterey Beach Resort, which was threatened with being smashed and sucked into the Monterey Bay during a 'perfect storm' in December of 2002 (this while maintaining his project management of an inn reconstruction in Carmel). On more than one occasion, I watched him pull off the 'impossible' in bringing jobs to the necessary level of completion by a designated date, without sacrificing quality.

Richard and RCA Enterprises have been doing my construction work for more than five years, both my commercial work and on my residences, and will continue doing my construction into the foreseeable future."

Crivello Family Partnership, LLC
John Crivello
Managing Partner


Residence of Karen & Bill Robinson - Pebble Beach, CA

"From the first time we talked about the project until the last worker left the site, we have been treated with care and respect by you, your employees and your sub-contractors. We have received excellent advice, prompt and efficient service, and complete, honest billings.

Whenever we had questions or concerns, you met them in a straightforward and thorough manner. You made sure, from the very beginning, that we were always informed of the process, the timing and the expected costs. Our experience with RCA Enterprises was entirely positive, quite a contrast to all the 'horror stories' one hears when talking with friends about remodeling a house.

Your ability to work with recalcitrant architects, mean-spirited inspectors and obsessive-compulsive owners is extraordinary. You are a problem solver par excellence. We are mindful of the fact that the attitude expressed by every person who worked here started 'at the top' with your integrity and insistence on excellence."

Karen & Bill Robinson


Renovation and Remodel of Cypress Stables - Monterey, CA

"When we purchased this property in October of 2005 and realized that we would need to do a major renovation, there was no one else that Margie or I would consider to undertake this project.

Throughout the year that it took to complete the project, never once did you falter in your due diligence to us. You led us through it with a tremendous degree of professionalism and expertise. Richard, I cannot say enough about your integrity. I cannot imagine ever having a construction project of any size or magnitude that did not involve you and RCA Enterprises. You have a wonderful crew and a great staff.

Cypress Stables has been around for a long, long time; however, people who have been coming and going to Cypress Stables for over 70 years are simply amazed at how beautiful, elegant and sophisticated Cypress Stables has become."

Taylor Fithian


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